About Us



Designing and creating something new as a way of living has always been my dream.
Today my dream is coming true.

We offer you hand made 3D cards and decorations for various occasions including paper home decor and decorations with folk motives.
All our products are created in our studio with love and an eye for detail. We hope that they make you as happy as we are when we are designing them.
When an order is bigger we can personalise products and cater to more of your requirements. We will add 1-2 new products weekly but due to family size business and the number of current orders our new designs might be loaded on our website later.Please come back to us often so you will be up to date with what we offer.

Please order one of our products today.
We are sure that you can make somebody feel special with our products.
Please feel free to have a look around our website and if you’ve any questions please do get in contact.

Halffold Studio Team

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